Thirty-eight years of Liberal government in Nova Scotia

“In order to be in a position to extend the advantage of expert advice to every part of the Province, the Government is endeavoring to secure the cooperation of the various municipal, city and town councils in the establishment of County Health Clinics, where persons suspected to be suffering from tuberculosis, expectant mothers, sick babies and others may go for expert advice and treatment. These clinics will be visited at regular intervals by officials of the Health Department. They will also be headquarters for the public health nurses, which will shortly be placed in the field to carry to the homes of our people the benefit of their skill and teaching in the conservation of health. The Red Cross Society is cooperating with the Department in this matter and a group of graduate nurses is now being trained at Dalhousie University for this special work – the officials of the department together with officials of the Massachusetts-Halifax Health Commission, members of the teaching staff at Dalhousie Medical College, of the Victorian Order of Nurses, of the medical inspection staff of Halifax and Dartmouth schools and others having undertaken to give the requisite instruction.”

Nova Scotia Liberal Association. “Thirty-eight years of Liberal government in Nova Scotia : general election, 1920, pointers for Liberal candidates, newspapers and platform speakers.” 1920