The Memorial of the citizens of Halifax and the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Halifax, setting forth the necessity of making Halifax the winter port of Canada

“That ample time has now elapsed since the building of the Intercolonial Railway and the clearing away of the difficulties which at first beset the rapid and regular running of the trains and the patience of the people of the Maritime provinces is well nigh exhausted, when they experience the continued delays in the complete carrying out of the agreements and promises in making a national outlet via the port of Halifax, and a feeling of alarm, almost amounting to consternation, has taken hold of our people in witnessing the freight which for two winters had been landed at Halifax for transmission over the Intercontinental Railway, carried to a foreign port, thus losing to the road the temporary ground gained – in fact almost entirely abrogating the whole conditions entered into by the Government of Canada in these particulars and damping the hopes and expectations based upon the engagements of the Dominion compact.

That the people of the Maritime provinces consider the good faith and National honor of the government of the dominion of Canada is bound up with the complete and satisfactory fulfillment of the Terms of the Union compact, not only in the letter, but in the spirit of the terms.

“That until the spirit of those terms so clearly promised… are carried out… the Terms of Union have not been fulfilled, and that the conditions of the solemn compact have not been kept.”

Halifax Chamber of Commerce. The Memorial of the Citizens of Halifax And the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Halifax, Setting Forth the Necessity of Making Halifax the Winter Port of Canada. [Halifax, N.S.?: s.n., 1881.