The Incorporation of Halifax

“Abuses crept into the system, and there were criticisms of its operation in Halifax. Grand Jury after Grand Jury attacked it; there were complaints of unfair assessment, of inefficiency and neglect in the collecting of poor, and county rates, and of other forms of maladministration. The Grand Jury appealed to the Lieutenant-Governor to remedy the situation, and he requested the House of Assembly to do so.

Early in 1835 a letter signed “The People”, but written by George Thompson, charging the magistrates of Halifax with misconduct, was published by Joseph Howe in The Novascotian. Howe was then prosecuted for criminal libel; he defended himself in a famous trial, the outcome of which was a triumphant acquittal, establishing the freedom of the press and foreshadowing reform in local government.

The cry for incorporation grew more insistent. Eventually the old system was swept from Halifax, with the incorporation of the city in 1841. By the charter of that year Halifax was endowed with municipal privileges and securities. This development in local affairs took place seven years before responsible government was won in the wider field of provincial politics in 1848.”

From: LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN NOVA SCOTIA, Prepared by: C. BRUCE FERGUSSON Provincial Archivist, Nova Scotia, 1961

Published in 1961, the year of Dartmouth’s incorporation as a city. I wonder what Gloria would say about George Thompson or Joseph Howe? It’s clear, if this were 1835, what side of the issue Gloria McCluskey would be on. It’s also clear, that in 2019, we have fallen back into a pit of maladministration, by design.

We, the people, address traitorous scoundrels and corrupt dotards in the manner that they themselves have chosen with their corruption.

In what was once an incorporated city composed of citizens, with its mechanics of democracy; now subsumed by a corrupt AF fiefdom, HRM, pox on local self governance.

It’s not all thanks to you, Gloria, but when you had your chance, when you could’ve challenged Nova Scotia in court, you chose instead to cede our Incorporation without even a plebiscite, without launching a legal fight.

That’s not love of Dartmouth. That’s uncivil, and a dereliction of duty. You let Dartmouth down, you let Dartmouth die.

Lucky for us Dartmouth, we have the power of revival – but it will take numbers!

We, the People? đź’Şâ™Ąď¸Ź


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