“The community”

“Deputy Mayor Tony Mancini said the Dartmouth North Library in his district has had a huge impact on the community”

Which community is that, deputy mayor tony? The banking community?

Dartmouth North Library was the last piece of infrastructure the City of Dartmouth built, opened one week before a municipal coup that saw an incorporation composed of citizens come tumbling down.

22 years later we have the logos and colors of banks on our libraries.

“As much as we love the library – and by library I mean the iconic one to ‘our municipality’, the one on the Halifax peninsula – the libraries off of the peninsula have to be fiscally responsible.
Like the Dartmouth North Library that is now a branding vehicle for TD Bank, the libraries in the socioeconomically challenged parts of town like part of my district; those libraries have to start pulling their weight.
I’d like to understand more about what cutting half the staff of a library would do, because apparently I’ve never visited one”

We’d like to understand what kind of barn someone must have grown up in to think it is ethical to use a Library as a branding vehicle for a bank – is that how they raised you up in Sydney Tony?
And now, these branding vehicles masquerading as libraries and/or playgrounds must have their budgets slashed.

This, in what was once a municipal incorporation comprised of citizens, that had its first library in 1832.

Here, in Dartmouth, the kids of the North End can grow up surrounded by TD green at their TD Green playground, forever more will TD green fill their minds with childhood glee. Not books.

Corruption really can be this comfortable, in Nova Scotia. Dartmouth can thank our totally not corrupt ‘deputy mayor’, among other totally not corrupt friends of all parties, and all levels of government, for that.



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