Sprawl Central

Here is just some of the sprawl Dartmouth now subsidizes, outside the white lines of our city limits.
The bright red represents construction from 2010-2016, deeper red is 2000-2010 – post amalgamation growth.

There’s a reason Dartmouth stayed afloat as a municipality. We were relatively well planned, and spatially a relatively tight community compared to much of our surroundings.

Can you think of any jurisdiction in the black now? Anywhere in the country? Dartmouth was doing something good, we were doing something right. We did that, Dartmouthians.

We WERE in the black until the illegitimate HRM take over, by Provincial fiat. Punished for our prudent fiscal management in running a legitimate municipality.

Now, we’re on the hook to subsidize the McMansions of Halifax county, and their $2 billion in unfunded infrastructure liabilities over the next 25 years. Hate your ditch tax? That’s just the start.


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