South End Lawn Tennis Club, 1898

From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin:

SOUTH END LAWN TENNIS CLUB ABOUT 1898. The Old Ferry Road bordered by willow trees was at right. Mott’s “Candle Factory Hill” in the background. The site is about 50 yards west of 71 Newcastle St.

Reading from left to right the players are: Miss Fanny Parker; John Menger; Lewis K. Payzant; Prescott Johnston; Miss Annie Strong; Miss Isabel MacGregor (sister of Prof. Gordon MacGregor of Dalhousie); Miss Louise Black; George G. Dustan; Miss Mary Ann Parker (Mrs. Rev. Dr. Keirstead of Acadia University); Miss Jessie Mackenzie; Miss Nora MacKay; Mrs. Walter Creighton; Mrs. M. A. B. Smith: Miss Daisy Dustan (Mrs. C. H. Harvey); Miss Josie Howe (granddaughter Hon. Joseph Howe); Dr. Thomas M. Milsom; (girl seated at middle unidentified).