Sea Monster

On Saturday last was taken within the Mouth of our Harbour, and on Monday brought to Town, a Sea Monster, a Female of the Kind, whose Body was of about the Bigness of that of a very large Ox, and something resembling one, cover’d with short Hair of a brownish Colour; the skin near an inch and an half thick, very loose and rough; the neck thick and short, resembling that of a Bull; the head very small in proportion to the body, and considerably like an Alligators; in the upper jaw were two teeth, of about 9 or 10 inches long and crooking downwards, of considerable Bigness and Strength, suppos’d to be pure Ivory; the Legs very short and thick, ending with Finns and Claws like those of a Sea Turtle; the Flesh and inwards of this Creature upon being open’d appear to resemble those of an Ox or Horse; it was been shewn here for several Days past with satisfaction to the Spectators, and we hear the Fat of it is now trying up in order to make Oyl.

Halifax Gazette, May 30, 1752. Page 1, Column 2.