Property at Dartmouth For Sale

Property at Dartmouth for Sale.
THE Subscriber offers to dispose of at Private Sale, several valuable Waterside Proper- ties, with WHARVES, STORES, and Dwelling HOUSES thereon. Also, about 30 acres LAND, in one or more acres, immediately opposite the Market Slip, pleasantly situated for Summer Cottages, and commanding fine views of the harbour, with water front if required. Also, to Let at Woodside.-Hand and Brush Flakes, sufficient for spreading 1000 quintals fish, with storage, and extensive Wharf room for bulky articles or manufacturing purposes.
Enquire of J. W. Johnston, Junr., Esq., in the City, or of the proprietor at Woodside. April 28.

Acadian Recorder, May 5, 1855.,1076069&hl=no&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiqlJvFj4aGAxVtLxAIHTTcAd0Q6AF6BAgEEAI#v=onepage&q&f=false