Dartmouth in the Legislature, Private Acts 1824-1996

(work in progress)

Shubenacadie Canal Company, Act to authorize the incorporation of 1824, 1824 c3
Act in addition to the same, 1827 c17
Act to aid; Annual grant of £1,500, for ten years, 1829 c48
For increasing the Capital Stock, the number of Shares, and conferring further powers, 1837 c77

Dartmouth Water Company, Act to incorporate, 1846 c44
To amend the same, and increase number of shares, 1847 c56
To continue and further amend (1st Session), 1851 c7
(see also P. & L. Acts of 1851, pages 217, 223,224)

Halifax and Dartmouth Mutual Insurance Company, Act to incorporate, 1850 c9
(see also P. & L. Acts of 1851, p. 234)

Dartmouth Dry Dock Company, Act to incorporate, 1852 c. 39

Relating to the Roman Catholic Cemetery at (Dartmouth), 1859 c61
To amend c61 of 1859, 1867 c112

Dartmouth Gas Light and Water Company, Act to incorporate, 1861 c76

Dartmouth Mechanics’ Institute, Act to incorporate, 1862 c82

Shipwrights and Caulkers’ Association of Halifax and Dartmouth, Act to incorporate, 1864 c33

Dartmouth Water and Gas Company, Act to incorporate, 1867 c55

To enable the Presbyterian Congregation of St James to sell their Real Estate, 1868 c17

Starr Manufacturing Company, Limited; Act to incorporate, 1868 c51
To increase Capital Stock and hold Real Estate, 1872 c85
To further increase Capital, 1873 c60
To further amend, as to Capital, 1874 c75
To amend, as to reduction of Capital, 1895 c144

Halifax and Dartmouth Ferry Company, Act to incorporate, 1870 c61

To enable the Trustees of Dartmouth Mechanics’ Institute to convey certain Real Estate to the Town, 1876 c98

Dartmouth, Union Protection Company of; Act to incorporate, 1877 c82
To increase the membership, 1880 c60
To amend the last named, 1881 c57

Dartmouth Temperance Reform Club, Act to incorporate, 1878 c74
To enable the Trustees to sell and convey their property, 1899 c72
To amend, striking out as vendees, the Dartmouth Y. M. C. A, 1900 c191

Halifax and Dartmouth Steam Ferry Company, Limited; Act to incorporate, 1885 c52
To amend last named, 1886 c125
To further amend the same, 1890 c175

Dartmouth Gas and Electric Light and Heating and Power Company, Limited; Act to incorporate, 1889 c132

To incorporate St. Peter’s Catholic Total Abstinence and Benevolent Society, 1890 c153

Dartmouth Manufacturing Company, Limited; Act to incorporate, 1891 c161

Annapolis and Atlantic Railway Company, Limited To provide for extension of line to Halifax
City or Dartmouth, 1892 c69

To incorporate Turtle Grove Recreation Club, 1892 c172

To incorporate Christ Church Young Men’s Society (Christ Church Young Men’s Society, Act to
incorporate, at Dartmouth), 1893 c197

Dartmouth Y. M. C. A., Act to incorporate, 1899 c189

St. George’s Lawn Tennis Building Association, Limited, (Dartmouth); Act to incorporate, 1900 c. 161

Dartmouth Rod and Gun Club; Act to incorporate 1902 c192

Dartmouth Christ Church Parish; Act to enable to mortgage lands 1906 c211

Dartmouth Tram and Power Co., Ltd.; Act to revive and amend c189, Acts 1890, incorporating 1908 c138

Dartmouth, Christ’s Church; Act relating to 1910 c131

Dartmouth Boys’ Christian Association: Act to incorporate 1910 c133

Dartmouth and Cow Bay Electric Co., Ltd.; Act to incorporate 1911 c120

amended 1914 c170

Dartmouth Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; Act to amend c161, Acts 1891, incorporating 1912 c199

Dartmouth; Act relating to Dartmouth Amateur Athletic Association; Act to incorporate 1921 c158

Mic Mac Amateur Aquatic Club, Act to incorporate 1923 c135

Lutheran Church, to incorporate the trustees of St. James 1926 c117

Starr Manufacturing Co. Ltd., to fix taxes of 1928 c81
temporary loan 1925 c97

Consumers Cordage Company Limited, tax exemption 1928 c81
estimates, certain amounts to be included in 1930 c75

Manchester Unity Building Company of Dartmouth Ltd., Act to incorporate 1936 c106

Kiwanis Club of Dartmouth, Act to incorporate 1944 c74

Lutheran Evangelical, Church of Our Saviour, at Dartmouth 1952 c116

Dartmouth Masonic Building Limited, Act to incorporate 1955 c80

Dartmouth Boys’ Christian Association (1910, c133); amended 1964 c116

Baptist Church, First, Dartmouth, Act relating to 1968 c99

Act respecting Taxation Seventh-Day Adventist Church 1968 c106

Halifax Dartmouth United Appeal, Act to Incorporate, 1972 c73
amended and name changed to United Way of Halifax Dartmouth Metro Area, 1975 c72

Halifax-Dartmouth United Appeal, An Act to incorporate The (1972, c73); amended, 2004 c21

Halifax-Dartmouth Metropolitan Area, Multicultural Council of the, Act to Incorporate, 1974 c109