‘Prior to amalgamation’

Who was it that bent over, allowed all the people’s legal rights, assets and democratic bodies part and parcel of our incorporated city to be stolen in a municipal coup?

Why, it was the lady dotard herself, queen McCluskey.

We have no city now, yet she feels she speaks for a city she let slip away!

We had the power of the purse, the courts at our disposal, and a people united in purpose – the perfection of our community through the democratic tools and mechanisms of our incorporated city, local self governance.

Dartmouth was always litigious, from its very beginning as a town in 1873 when we fought the province all the way to the newly created supreme Court of Canada for our right to tax for education purposes like Halifax. And won. (Queen V. Town Council and Warden of Dartmouth)

Why didn’t we hold a plebiscite when our city was threatened? Why didn’t we launch a court challenge to mark our discontent? That’s what happens in free countries when a level of government oversteps its authority, pursues an unconstitutional course of action; when a municipal incorporation comprised of citizens feels wronged.

The fact is, city council did nothing to fight and try and sustain itself, and it smells of corruption especially seeing what’s happened in the 22 years since.

McCluskey was good friends with the Savage, the Savage was ex-mayor of Dartmouth of course, and it was all very amicable. We were sold off, in bits and pieces, without one bit of an effort to assert our rights.

McCluskey completely abdicated her one overarching responsibility as Mayor of Dartmouth.

Now, we have an imposition, HRM; and a lady dotard reminiscing about the good old days when we had a city, before she gave it up on our behalf, without any democratic consent whatsoever, without one iota of legal muscle.

Dirty AF.


Dartmouth For Life