Police force or occupying force?

When we had legitimate municipal governance in Dartmouth, when we had our own Police force made up of people from the community, we had the power to set our own priorities.
Of course, that is not the case anymore.

Now we have Illegitimate HRM and Halifax Regional Police, “Partners in Policing”, simply a front for the RCMP take over of municipal policing in our region.

Cancer patients and those who supply them with cannabis to help with their pain, nausea, and discomfort have assault rifles stuck in their face and possible jail terms to look forward to. Tax dollars fettered away on whose priorities exactly?

Every day that passes, the political reasons for amalgamation become clearer and clearer. Central ideological control of our once fine city, an area now bereft of evidence-based policing policy.

Beating us into submission with all the power the state can muster, doing great harm to some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

We need a United Nations intervention in Nova Scotia on so many fronts.





Dartmouth For Life