Petition, Court of Quarter Sessions

PETITION numerously signed by the Inhabitants of the District of Dartmouth, having been presented to the Grand Jury and Sessions, complaining that for a long time they have been annoyed by a number of useless dogs, which have become a perfect nuisance; attacking persons travelling, destroying sheep, and continually chasing and annoying other animals: And the Grand Jury having recommended to the Sessions to make Regulations to remedy the evils complained of, and to impose a Tax to be paid annually by the owners or keepers of Dogs in the District of Dartmouth: The Sessions have made the following Regulations relating thereto :-
NEPEAN CLARKE, Clerk of the Peace.
September 16th, 1861.

All owners or keepers of Dogs in the District of Dartmouth shall, on or before the First Day of December in every year, make a return to the Town Clerk of Dartmouth of all Dogs owned or kept by them.
On and after the First Day of December next, a Tax of One Dollar shall be paid annually to the Town Clerk, Dartmouth, for each and every Dog within the District of Dartmouth, by the owner or keeper thereof. The tax shall be due and incur- red for the current year by any keeping of a Dog during any part of the year, and such tax shall be paid on or before the First day of December in every year.
The owner or keeper of a dog who has paid such tax shall affix thereon a Collar with the name of the owner.
All Dogs found at largo within the District of Dartmouth, without a Collar as required by this Regulation, may be destroyed, unless the owner shall be discovered within 24 hours.
Any person neglecting or refusing to comply with these Regulations or either of them, shall be subject to a penalty of Two Dollars for every violation thereof in addition to the Tax.
All Taxes and Fines shall be sued for and recover- ed in the name of the Town Clerk of Dartmouth, before any Justice of the Peace.
The Town Clerk, Dartmouth, shall pay all Taxes and Fines received by him into the County Treasurer, and shall make a Return thereof to the Sessions–the same to be appropriated and applied under the order of the Sessions, for the benefit of the District of Dartmouth.
The following Sections of 24 Vic. cap. 11, are also ordered to be published:

  1. Dogs found chasing or worrying sheep may be killed, and the owners of such shall have no right of action against the persons killing the
  2. The owners of dogs that have been found chasing or worrying sheep shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding twelve dollars, if, on being notified of the fact, they continue to allow such dogs to go at large.

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