Carte de l’Accadie

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A recognizable Halifax peninsula on this map, McNabs, George’s Lawlors and Devil’s island all properly represented, as well as a portage to Windsor. “Carte de l’Accadie”, Chabert, Joseph-Bernard de. 1746.

Carte de l’Acadie

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“Chebouquetou”, with McNabs Island relatively easy to pick out. “Carte de l’Acadie ” 16?? (<1700)

Carte de l’Acadie

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This map shows the Shubenacadie River as the Chibouctou River, a few other features are discernible, including McNabs Island and George’s Island. A rough idea of the different features represented, as they are known today. “Carte de l’Acadie” 1708.

Dartmouth Parish (The Harbour of Halifax)

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One of the only maps I’ve seen that shows what is a political division, “Dartmouth Parish”, I believe this is a reference to it being a bishopric. From Coke Upon Littleton: “…the ancient towns called boroughs are the most ancient towns in England; and from these towns come the burgesses of parliament, when the king … Read more

Carte particulière de la coste d’Accadie

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A fairly accurate early map of Nova Scotia from some time previous to the founding of Halifax. Chibouctou is shown on the Dartmouth side of the harbor, opposite McNabs Island and Geroge’s Island. Shubenacadie River is seen to the north of the settlement. I haven’t found any substantial confirmation that the Dartmouth side is where … Read more

Carte de la côte Sud de l’Acadie

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Baye d Chibouctou, later Halifax Harbor. McNabs Island can be seen in the middle of the harbor with George’s Island north, and to the north east is Sault aux saumone, or salmon jump – Dartmouth cove, and the Shubenacadie River. “Carte de la côte Sud de l’Acadie” 16?? (<1700)

League of the Maritime Provinces


Executive Officers:President: Hon. Joseph HoweVice Presidents: W.J. Stairs, Esq., Patrick Power, Esq.Secretaries: Mr William Garvie,Robt. L. Weatherbee Esq.,Treasurer: Robt. Boak, Jr, Esq. The Maritime Provinces of British America now enjoy all the blessings of self-government, controlling their own revenues, forming, controlling and removing their own Cabinets ; appointing their own Judges, Councillors, and Public Officers; … Read more

Carte réduite des costes de l’Acadie

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A (probably very) rough translation: “The English took possession of Chibouctou on the 19th of August 1749 and named it Halifax. It is one of the most beautiful ports in all parts of Acadia and England. It should provide great income, by the different advantages that it contains. It is located at 44 degrees 3 … Read more

Premier meets with municipal leaders

PREMIER MEETS WITH MUNICIPAL LEADERS Premier John Savage said today his government is committed to working co-operatively with Nova Scotia municipal leaders in building a dynamic provincial economy. The premier met this morning with the executive of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities and stressed the need for even greater cooperation between the two levels … Read more

Regional Municipalities Bill Introduced

MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS–REGIONAL MUNICIPALITIES BILL INTRODUCED Nova Scotia municipalities who are considering amalgamation will soon have a legislative framework in place. Municipal Affairs Minister Sandy Jolly introduced a Regional Municipalities Bill in the Legislature today. “This new legislation will be used only when requested by municipalities,” said the minister. “It’s voluntary. It’s there when they choose … Read more

Nova Scotia Gazette, Nov 21 1765.

Halifax Gazette

Since few of these old newspapers are properly scanned with OCR, being multiple columns of faded text, I’ve done my best to transcribe what seemed to be the most interesting parts of this edition. It contains a number of references to the Stamp Act as well as news from the other colonies, one being a … Read more

Place Names and Places of Nova Scotia (in Dartmouth Township)

dart-township-1865 map

“Whereas some uncertainty exists as regards the limits of the Township of Dartmouth… Be it therefore enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Council and Assembly, that the lines of the Township of Dartmouth shall be established and settled as follows, beginning on the Eastern side of Bedford Basin at the head of Pace’s cove at low … Read more

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