Old Ferry Road, Green Lane

From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin:

This is the lower part of Old Ferry Road, once known as “Green Lane” The curve in the foreground leads to the Old Ferry Wharf. The fence on the left encloses the South End Lawn Tennis Courts, and from there to the shore stood Regal willow trees. Two of them were named for King George III and Queen Charlotte, and two others for Mr. and Mrs. James Creighton of “Brooklands” who had them planted perhaps in the late 1700’s. When this picture was taken about 1900, they were of an enormous size. The whole road was a beautiful shady walk from the wharf all the way up to the present Portland Street.

The fence on the right borders Dr. Parker’s fields at “Beechwood”, and ran along near the location of the new house at 71 Newcastle Street.

A similar view as the above photograph, today

From Toler’s 1808 map of the area https://cityofdartmouth.ca/toler-map-1808

The same area today

The route of the obliterated road to the shore is identified by manholes of the sewer pipe running to Parker’s Wharf.

What used to be Parker’s Wharf, at the foot of Old Ferry Road, still remains visible at low tide – particularly pronounced in this picture the morning after Hurricane Juan.

Looking towards the foot of Old Ferry Road, remains of Parker’s wharf (once Mott’s wharf) seen extending into the water middle right.

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