Notes on the State of Virginia

Many of the elementary documents relating to Nova Scotia’s constitutional history can be found within Jefferson’s carefully constructed constitutional history of Virginia, extracted here. Those documents which purported to make claims on behalf of originating (and respective) crowns are included first followed by those colonies adjacent such as Virginia or Massachusetts to which Nova Scotia was appended to or included in part (1606) or in whole (1691, 1725), also including its many successive proprietary incarnations along the way.

QUERY XXIII: The histories of the state, the memorials published in its name in the time of its being a colony, and the pamphlets relating to its interior or exterior affairs present or ancient?

To this account of our historians, memorials, and pamphlets, it may not be unuseful to add a chronological catalogue of American state papers, as far as I have been able to
collect their titles. It is far from being either complete or correct. Where the title alone, and not the paper itself, has come under my observation, I cannot answer for the exactness
of the date. Sometimes I have not been able to find any date at all, and sometimes have not been satisfied that such a paper exists. An extensive collection of papers of this description has been for some time in a course of preparation by [Mr. Hazard] fully equal to the task, and from whom, therefore, we may hope ere long to receive it. In the mean time accept this as the result of my labours, and as closing the tedious detail which you have so undesignedly drawn upon yourself.

1496, Mar. 5. 11. H. 7.
Pro Johanne Caboto et filiis suis super terra incognita investiganda. 12. Ry. 595. 3. Hakl.
4. 2. Mem. Am. 409

1498. Feb. 3. 13. H. 7.
Billa signata anno 13. Henrici septimi. 3. Hakluyt’s voiages 5

1578, June 11. 20 El.
The letters patent granted by her Majestie to Sir Humphrey Gilbert, knight, for the
inhabiting and planting of our people in America. 3. Hakl. 135.

1603, Nov. 8.
Lettres de Lieutenant General de l’Acadie & pays circonvoisins pour le Sieur de Monts.
L’Escarbot. 417.

1606, Apr. 10. 4 Jac. 1.
Letters-patent to Sir Thomas Gates, Sir George Somers and others of America. Stith.
Apend. No. 1.

1607, Mar. 9. 4. Jac. 1.
An ordinance and constitution enlarging the council of the two colonies in Virginia and
America, and augmenting their authority, M. S.

1609, May 23. 7 Jac. 1.
The second charter to the treasurer and company for Virginia, erecting them into a body
politic. Stith. Ap. 2.

1620, Nov. 3. Jac. 1.
A grant of New England to the council of Plymouth

1621. Sep. 10. 20 Jac. 1.
A grant of Nova Scotia to Sir William Alexander. 2. Mem. de l’Amerique. 193.

1625, July 12.
A grant of the soil, barony, and domains of Nova Scotia to Sir Wm. Alexander of Minstrie.
2 Mem. Am. 226.

1628, Mar. 4. 3 Car. 1.
A confirmation of the grant of Massachusett’s bay by the crown.

1630, April 30.
Conveyance of Nova-Scotia (Port-royal excepted) by Sir William Alexander to Sir Claude
St. Etienne Lord of la Tour and of Uarre and to his son Sir Charles de St. Etienne Lord of
St. Denniscourt, on condition that they continue subjects to the king of Scotland under the
great seal of Scotland.

1632, Mar. 29. 8 Car. 1.
Traité entre le roy Louis XIII. et Charles roi d’ Angleterre pour la restitution de la nouvelle
France, la Cadie et Canada et des navires et merchandises pris de part et d’autre. Fait a
St Germain 19 Ry. 361. 2. Mem. Am. 5.

195 1654, Aug. 16.
Capitulation de Port-Royal. Mem. Am. 507.

1656, Aug. 9.
A grant by Cromwell to Sir Charles de Saint Etienne, a baron of Scotland, Crowne and
Temple. A French translation of it. 2. Mem. Am. 511.

1667, July 31.
The treaty of peace and alliance between England and the United Provinces made at
Breda. 7. Cor. Dip. p. 1. p. 44. 2. Mem. Am. 40.

1667–8,Feb. 17.
Acte de la cession de l’Acadie au roi de France. 2. Mem. Am. 40

1691, Oct. 7.
A charter granted by king William and Queen Mary to the inhabitants of the province of
Massachusetts Bay, in New England. 2 Mem. de l’Am. 593

1713, Mar. 31. April 11.
Traité de paix and d’amitié entre Louis XIV. roi de France, and Anne, reine de la Grande
Bretagne, fait à Utrecht. 15 Corps Diplomatique de Dumont, 339. id. Latin. 2 Actes and
memoires de la pais d’Utrecht. 457. id. Lat. Fr. 2 Mem. Am. 113.

1713, Mar. 31. April 11.
Traité de navigation and de commerce entre Louis XIV, roi de France, and Anne, reins de
la Grande-Bretagne. 18
Fait à Utrecht. 8 Corps Dipl. part 1, p. 345. 2 Mem. de l’Am. 137.

A treaty with the Indians (This is, I believe, the 1726 ratification of the 1725 Treaty, “the several Tribes of the Eastern Indians viz the Penobscot, Narridgwolk, St. Johns Cape Sables & other Tribes Inhabiting within His Majesties Territorys of New England and Nova Scotia, who have been Engaged in the present War, from whom we Sauguaaram alias Loron Arexus Francois Xavier & Meganumbe are Delegated & fully Impowered to Enter into Articles of Pacification with His Majties Governments of the Massachusetts Bay New Hampshire & Nova Scotia”, which goes on to mention “the Province of New York and Colonys of Connecticut & Rhode Island”)

1748, Oct. 7–18. 22 G. 2.
The general and definitive treaty of peace concluded at Aix-la-Chapelle. Lon. Mag. 1748.
503. French. 2. Mem. Am. 169

1763, Feb. 10. 3. G. 3.
The definitive treaty concluded at Paris. Lon. Mag. 1763. 149

Jefferson, Thomas. Notes on the State of Virginia. J. Stockdale, 1787.