No more serfdom

Deamalgamate Dartmouth strives to restore legitimate municipal governance to Dartmouthians, liberating Dartmouthians from the illegitimate municipal construct created by Provincial fiat, HRM.

The millstone of illegitimate governance hanging around our collective necks is a heavy one, and one we won’t bear for much longer.

We won’t pretend that the dissolution of our cherished third level government, the City of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, without even a non-binding plebiscite, is a legitimate political act.

We understand that the fact less than 3 in 10 voted in the last illegitimate election for an illegitimate municipality speaks volumes.

We think the fact that voter participation has dropped by half since amalgamation was implemented is no accident and no coincidence.

We stand against the profoundly undemocratic, unconstitutional and fiscally irresponsible act of top down municipal amalgamation, and how it was applied to Dartmouth.

We believe in the principle of subsidiarity, that decisions are best made closest to the people, in an environment of accountability. One we will never find in a top-down illegitimate municipal construct, HRM.


Dartmouth For Life