Municipal Federations

Municipal governance is provided for $1384 per person on average within Metro Vancouver.

Halifax County/HRM you ask? $2048 per person.
How can anyone pretend the status quo is preferable?

Metro Vancouver is a regional government, a political body and corporate entity operating under provincial legislation as a ‘regional district’ that delivers regional services, policy and political leadership.

(Regional districts are a relatively recent creation, having only come into existence in 1965. Part 24 of BC’s Local Government Act allows for the establishment of regional districts, their corporate structure, governance procedure, service and their power to create bylaws. Regional districts are a unique form of governmental model in that they incorporate elected officials (elected from electoral areas which are outside municipal boundaries) and appointments from the member municipalities who are themselves elected officials of the member municipal councils.)

Metro Vancouver’s core services are drinking water, wastewater treatment, and solid waste management. Metro Vancouver also regulates air quality, plans for urban growth, manages a regional parks system and provides affordable housing.

Metro Vancouver employs 1,500 people (for a member population of 2.463 million) within four separate corporate entities, each with a different set of members:
Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD)
Greater Vancouver Sewerage & Drainage District (GVS&DD)
Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD)
Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation (MVHC).…/municipa…/Pages/default.aspx–

Within Metro Vancouver are 23 members: 21 municipalities, one Electoral Area and one Treaty First Nation.

These 23 member municipalities range from smaller communities:
Tsawwassen First Nation (Pop. 720)…/elected-government/
Village of Belcarra (Pop. 644)
Bowen Island Municipality (Pop. 3,402)

To mid-sized towns and cities:
City of Langley (Pop. 25,081)
City of Port Coquitlam (Pop. 56,347)
Township of Langley (Pop. 104,743)

To larger, more populous cities:
City of Vancouver (Pop. 605,071)
City of Surrey (Pop. 468,359)
City of Burnaby (Pop. 223,218)

Respect for people, a belief in best-practices, actions that enable healthier communities.
Allowances for the diversity of forms that municipal governance can take, and the human beings that reside within them.
A diversity of municipalities that reflects the diversity of communities and people in a region.

Are Nova Scotians really satisfied with monolithic, centrally controlled governance structures of our colonial past, like Halifax County/HRM?
We doth protest! We will be serfs, no longer.