From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin:

This is John F. Mott’s residence “Hazelhurst” at 62-64 Pleasant Street undergoing demolition. Shown is the rear of the house with a back door for tradesmen. The driveway curved around to the main entrance with its partly-open sun porch facing the harbor where I used to see elderly Mrs. Mott and some rocking-chaired ladies enjoying the scenery on fine afternoons when I delivered the “Evening Mail” newspaper there just prior to her death in 1896. The place was then purchased by J. Walter Allison. At that time there were no houses on that side of Pleasant Street from Old Ferry Road to Albert St. When Mr. Allison’s widow died in 1934 the 10-acre estate was acquired by A. A. MacDonald. He remained until the P. E. I. Highlanders leased the residence for officers, and erected barracks on the lower grounds for occupation during World War II. The late W. G. Martin and others transformed the land.

Directly opposite 127 Pleasant Street the hollow foundation marks the site of “Beechwood” where Hon. Dr. McN. Parker resided from 1863. He practiced in Halifax and is said to have been the first surgeon in Nova Scotia to perform an operation on a patient with the use of an anesthetic. Dr. Van Buskirk of “Maplehurst” administered the ether. One of the rooms at “Beechwood” was used as a private school. Rev. Robert Falconer who became President of Toronto University in 1907 once attended there. He was then Principal of Pine Hill College. He became Sir Robert in 1917.