Meeting, Fire, in Dartmouth

DARTMOUTH.-A meeting of the inhabitants of the Town of Dartmouth was held on Satur- day last, in the Mechanic’s Institute, for the purpose of appointing two Assessors, and one Collector, and two Town Clerks, for the ensuing year. For the office of Assessor, Messrs. H. Watt and P. McNab, were nominated and unanimously elected. Messrs. Thomas Allen, Henry Finlay, and D. G. Farrell, were proposed for the office of Collector and Clerks, upon the vote being taken, there appeared for Mr. Allen, 94; for Mr. Finlay, 8; for Mr. Farrell, 54. Mr. Allen was declared elected.

FIRE IN DARTMOUTH —At an early hour on Saturday morning, a three story house, situated on “Steamboat Hill,” Dartmouth, was totally destroyed by fire. The shops in the basement of the building were occupied respectively, by G. W. Corbett, Druggist, and Mr. William Smith, Saddler. The second story was used as an Assembly Room, and the third as a Masonic Hall. A stable adjoining the building was torn down to stay the further progress of the flames. A house belonging to Mr. Smith of Porter’s Lake, was burned. The house was insured for $2,800, and there was some insurance on Mr. Corbett’s stock of drugs. Mr. Smith, Saddler, was not insured, and most of his goods were destroyed. -The building was owned by Mr. J. E. Lawlor

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