Lucretia Mott

Today is just another random date in American history with a Dartmouth connection. July 19th, 1848:

In Seneca Falls, N.Y., a woman’s rights convention–the first ever held in the United States–convenes with almost 200 women in attendance. The convention was organized by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, two abolitionists.
The Dartmouth connection?

Lucretia Mott (, is the daughter of Anna (Folger) Coffin (, who is the daughter of William Folger (, who is the brother of Dartmouth Quaker Timothy Folger! (

Good Nantucket stock might explain why Dartmouth was the first jurisdiction in Nova Scotia to explicitly include women in the franchise in 1886 – (…/statutesnovasco01scotgoog… – page 252) after Nova Scotia had explicitly removed women from the vote in 1851 (…/1851.p… – page 17).

It took Nova Scotia 32 more years to extend the franchise to women in 1918, two more years for women and men who owned no property to be allowed the vote in 1920; and it took Canada 40 more years beyond that to extend the franchise to First Nations men and women by 1960.

Universal suffrage, only 58 years old in Canada – some perspective, thanks to Lucretia Mott.…/seneca-falls-convention-begins…/167-years-later-celebrating-seneca-f…/…/seneca-falls-c…