Local Self-Government Theory and Its Evolution in Modern China

“In traditional Chinese society, there have existed certain forms of local self-government theory, which constitute the pre-knowledge and foundation of local self-government theory and its evolution in modern China. Since the late Qing Dynasty, the western theory has been far from overturning the tradition al Chinese theory, rather it has given the Chinese theory a legal form. That is the local entity as a public legal person.

The argument that local self-government theory was transplanted from western to China could only make sense within the transformation from political sense to legal sense. The notion of local entity is the most important fruit of the late evolution of local self-government theory and it could also be constructive and helpful in the current reform of local government law.”

Published in Journal of Xiamen University | Wang Jian-xue | 2011, https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Local-Self-Government-Theory-and-Its-Evolution-in-Jian-xue/34625f6692ef69057b282c9249cb6d4cd2117eaf, https://consensus.app/details/notion-entity-fruit-evolution-selfgovernment-theory-jianxue/bf7c8060ab9059b0a71256ccc1c7a6df/