Just say no to NIMBY: We all need a home

Imagine that. A jurisdiction doing something about affordable housing.
In illegitimate HRM we get a few hundred thousand for fences and paint for North End Dartmouth dangled during an election campaign. Oregon gets real action on housing.

“Oregon has decided to do something to boost affordable housing in the state. A new law before the legislature has opened unexpected fault lines in the already fractured political debate over housing costs. The bill represents something of a mixed blessing for affordability boosters: it’s designed to remove barriers to new construction, but at the cost of local authority.

House Bill 2007 would make it harder for local governments to restrict developments that include affordable housing. The bill would require city or county governments to complete a review of an application for a development with affordable housing within 100 days. Given the high costs associated with permitting, this bill could help pave the way for apartments and homes that Portlanders can afford.”



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