John Prescott Mott

From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin:

THIS IS JOHN PRESCOTT MOTT, a 19th century industrial king of Eastern Canada., who by his business acumen and shrewd investments, became one of the wealthiest men in the Province. Mr. Mott was a President of the Nova Scotia Building Society, a director of the Steamboat Company and other enterprises. In 1861 he was among the incorporators of a Company intending to supply Dartmouth with a system of water and gaslight. Always prominent at town meetings, he served twice as Councillor for Ward 1.

John P. Mott’s tall figure, clad in swallow-tailed coat and beaver hat, used to be a familiar one as he was driven daily to the ferry by sleek horses caparisoned in silver-mounted harness. His benefactions to institutions and to people were made regardless of creed or color. But of his vast fortune, not a penny was provided to care for his costly monument and exotic copper-beech trees shading the old family plot in Christ Church cemetery.