In The Weeds: Update

We are pleased that CN (NOT the province of Nova Scotia or it’s “Department of the Environment”) have respect for Dartmouthians, and realize spraying known carcinogens into Dartmouth green spaces, backyards and residential areas is wholly inappropriate.

The regulations on spraying clearly state not only a 30M buffer zone (which is physically impossible along the Dartmouth waterfront, and especially downtown, Hazelhurst comes to mind) but also, when are winds ever less than 10km/hr along the harbor?

Doubly so, this application was impossible to apply as regulated – which raises the question – why was the NS Department of the environment so eager to approve with 0 notice to those affected during the decision making process?

Does CN take the concerns of Dartmouthians to heart more than our own provincial department of the environment does?

Yes, of course they do. If Nova Scotia can dissolve our legitimate city of Dartmouth, by fiat, as if this is Uzbekistan – and then install an illegitimate amalgamated governance structure, also by Fiat – what’s poisoning a few thousand people…

Thanks CN, Nuts to you, Nova Scotia Department of the Environment.


Dartmouth For Life