“I ❤️ Dartmouth”

The Dartmouth Library on Highfield Park Drive was the last piece of municipal infrastructure the City of #Dartmouth built, opened March 22, 1996.

A project completed by the City of Dartmouth for Dartmouthians, just one week before a municipal coup perpetrated by the Province of Nova Scotia that saw our infrastructure seized and stolen.

This, in the city that, before it was even a town, had a long list of educational firsts.

Now we have “sponsors”…
This is the picture of corruption. This, is the perfect encapsulation of how the City that meant something to so many is now just a vessel for graft.

People in I ❤️ Dartmouth shirts, celebrating TD Bank, once a Nova Scotian Bank, before the Canadian takeover of 1867, before the National policy of the 1870s and its tariffs that brought the legion of Maritime Banks from 9 down to 1 in a generation.

Happy Dominion Day, but woe unto Dartmouth and Dartmouthians. As long as the corrupt inhabitants of both #illegitimateHRM council, and what used to be the People’s Legislature support this model of serfdom for corporate interests over people centered progress, you can be sure that Dartmouth will no longer be an innovator from the bottom up, and that we will continue to be bombarded by gladhanding, backpatting and PR in front of prominent corporate logos.

By design.