Have a look at the “Municipal History Highlights” care of the Province of Nova Scotia, you’ll notice something peculiar:


“1879: The first extensive creation of local government came from the County Incorporation Act. This Act established 24 rural municipalities on the basis of boundaries used by the sessions, essentially for court purposes.”

While it’s true that the 1879 Act municipalized Nova Scotia’s counties, that did not affect the previously incorporated areas – which included Dartmouth ( and Halifax, Pictou, or ‘any other town which may be incorporated during any future sitting of the legislature’). This means ‘Halifax County” once municipalized by Nova Scotia, was everything outside of the boundaries of the City of Halifax and the Town of Dartmouth (soon the City of Dartmouth) as well as the Town of Bedford, previously to the 1996 municipal coup.

Nova Scotia had counties and townships since the introduction of a legislature in 1758, which were boundaries used by the sessions, for court purposes and many others, for 121 years previously. History for simpletons? Or rewritten to make Canadian colonization palatable?


Have a look at the “Municipal Incorporation Timeline” care of the Province of Nova Scotia, you’ll notice something peculiar:


“1874, May 4: Town of Pictou (listed as the first Municipal Incorporation)”

This isn’t true. Dartmouth was incorporated as a town on April 30th, 1873.


Why is Dartmouth erased, not only from our lives as Dartmouthians, but from the Province of Nova Scotia’s own publications as it relates to municipalities?


(Pictured – An Act extending the Act {from 1758} titled “An Act to prevent unnecessary firing of guns, and other firearms, in the Town and Suburbs of Halifax” to the Town Plot of Dartmouth, from 1793.
Interestingly, HRM’s smoking ban featured repeal of this law. Hmm…)