George III: September 1775

(m.) Adml. Graves to Mr. Stephens (Boston, 19 Aug.).—Proceedings of the vessels of the squadron detailed. I enclose a copy of an affidavit sent me by Gov. Legge, which I do purposely to assure you that only what relates to H.M.’s schooner “Diligent” and the Philadelphian sloop is true. It is even suspected that the Philadelphian was intended for Machias, and not for Halifax, and that the story of her being taken away, like so many other false reports, is calculated to serve a particular purpose.

Other details; also the reasons given by the rebels for an expedition to Nova Scotia; and as to the necessity for stores and provisions from England. No accounts from England later than 8 June.

(n.) Deposition of Thomas Lowden, master mariner, made at Cornwallis, 7 Aug., as to American privateers on the coast, preparations for an expedition to Nova Scotia, &c.

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