Genesis of the R.N.S.Y.S.

“However, the loose organization which had been set up by the Halifax Yacht Club of 1837, despite the frequent changes in personnel of the committees, maintained the interest and support of Haligonians for several years, during which new yachts and new owners of older yachts appeared to compete in annual regattas, and rivalry between Halifax and Dartmouth boat-builders was great. In 1844, the Halifax Times concluded that the regatta could now “be classed among the standard recreations of a Halifax population.”

“The regatta of 1851 also was held under the patronage of the Vice-Admiral and managed by a committee of which the President and five other members were naval officers; but that of 1852 enjoyed the patronage of both the Lieut. Governor and and the Mayor in addition to the Admiral, and was arranged by a committee composed entirely of civilians from Halifax and Dartmouth, while the umpires comprised representative of the navy, army and city. The same was true of the regatta of 1854 which as was eminently fitting, was held during the Industrial Exhibition of that year, and though not under the direct patronage of the navy was generously assisted by the Admiral, who placed a naval cutter at the disposal of the umpires.”

Harvey, D.C. “Genesis of the R.N.S.Y.S.” Dalhousie Review, Volume 29, Number 1, 1949