From Nova Scotia to Georgia

It’s always interesting reading anything pre-revolution, to see that grouping of fellow colonies recognized as proto-states, Nova Scotia included. There are a few references to Nova Scotia contained within, as follows, (but from the loyalist side of the argument):

“When, therefore, the delegates at Philadelphia, in the preamble to their Bill of rights, and in their letter to his Excellency General Gage, stiled their body “a full and free representation of—” “all the colonies from Nova Scotia to Georgia,” they were guilty of a piece of impudence which was never equalled since the world began, and never will be exceeded while it shall continue.”

“Now was the lucky time, the critical minute. Their passions were up, their reason disturbed, their judgment distorted; with the most inconsiderate rashness they took the fatal resolution of adopting approving and recommending the conduct of the Suffolk people, contained in their resolves of the 6th of September; thereby making those rebellious resolves, as far as in them lay, the act and deed of all his Majesty’s faithful subjects, in all the colonies, from Nova Scotia to Georgia.”

“Every article of this instrument was intended by them to have a force of the law. They have indeed used the soft, mild, insinuating term of recommending their laws to our observance, instead of the authoritative phrase of “Be it enacted, &c.” because, their authority was not yet firmly settled. But they have solemnly bound themselves and their constituents—by whom they affect to mean every inhabitant of the colonies, from Nova-Scotia to Georgia—(happy Nova-Scotia! happy Georgians who are out of their jurisdiction—) to adhere firmly to their Association;—they have appointed their officers to carry it into execution,—they have ordained penalties upon those that shall presume to violate it.”

“Should committees be chosen, according to the purport of this eleventh article of the Association, in every county, city and town, from Nova-Scotia to Georgia—do you think that a majority of every such committee would consist of men of such exact honour and probity, as that we might in all cases expect the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, in their publications?”

“In God’s name, are not the people of Boston able to relieve their own poor? Must they go begging from Dan to Beersheba; levying contributions, and exacting fines, from Nova-Scotia to Georgia, to support a few poor people whom their perverseness and ill conduct have thrown into distress?”

“It is therefore false and not true honour which obliges you to adhere to the regulations of the congress, and to endeavour to carry them into execution; for it obliges you to act in direct opposition to your duty, to the laws of the government, to the rights and privileges of your fellow-citizens, and to the general good of the whole province; nay, of all the provinces, from Nova-Scotia to Georgia.”

“We, indeed, in words, disclaim every thought and wish of separating our interests from hers: But in deed and fact, all the colonies from Nova-Scotia to Georgia, have run headlong into such measures, as must, if they prove successful, finally break intirely our connection with her, or reduce her to the disagreeable necessity of establishing her dominion over us, in conquest.”

Seabury, Samuel.“The Congress Canvassed: Or, an Examination Into the Conduct of the Delegates, at Their Grand Convention, Held in Philadelphia, Sept. 1, 1774. Addressed to the Merchants of New-York“. New-York, printed: London reprinted for Richardson and Urquhart, 1775

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“…from Nova Scotia to Georgia”

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