Duties and Excise


Publick Notice is hereby given, That all Masters of Vessels and Others, who shall import Rum and other distilled Spiritous Liquors into the Port of Halifax, for one Year after the 24th Instant, are to apply to Malachy Salter, in order to pay the Duties on the same, or give bond as the Law directs: And all licenc’d Retailers and Tavern keepers of Halifax aforesaid, and the Town of Dartmouth, are also to apply to said Salter on the 25th Day of the next twelve succeeding months, in order to pay the excise on rum and other distill’d spiritous liquors by them sold. Any persons who shall fail to comply with the several Acts of this Province relating to the abovementioned Duties and Excise, may expect to suffer penalties thereof.

Malachy Salter,{Farmer of the Duties and Excise

N.B. Attendance will be given at the House of the Subscriber on every Day in the Week, except Sundays, from 9 to 12 o’clock in the forenoon. Halifax, September 21. 1754.


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