Drowned on the way to Dartmouth


“One Day last week a Serjeant of Grenadiers belonging to Col. Lascelle’s regiment, and who was upon the Dartmouth command, came to this town about some business, and having drank pretty plentifully with a Corporal and a private soldier of the same company to which he belong’d, they all set out in a small canoe with a Spritsail in order to go to Dartmouth, but the wind blowing a little fresh, and they not being capable of managing the Canoe, she overset and they were all three drowned. The Serjeant’s Hat has since been taken up at George’s Island.”

Halifax Gazette, Feb. 16, 1754. Page 2, column 2. https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=4p3FJGzxjgAC&dat=17540216&printsec=frontpage&hl=en