Declaration of Independence

Thank you to every single one of the 392 people who have taken the time to like this page so far, who follow and interact with the content contained within. It’s greatly appreciated to know we’re not alone.

We, inhabitants of Dartmouth, ARE constituted.

We, inhabitants of Dartmouth, ARE declared a body politic by the name of The City of Dartmouth.

This page and the people attached, as Dartmouthians, NEED a declaration of independence. This top-down cultural imperialism and governance from a Province who acts as Imperial master can stand no more.

The power to say NO lies within each of us, especially when applied together as a Commonwealth. No longer can we bear to be under the banner of an Imperial Province’s municipal coup.

Thank you, Dartmouthians, for charging with us headlong into the winds of Provincial partisan perversion that surround us, from so many angles. They are powerful winds no doubt; sour and suffocating, but perhaps most importantly, not without use to our advantage.

The good ship Dartmouth, victim of mutiny and treason by a Savage; Rendered rudderless and inept, flogged again and again by a Savage’s son – battered, bruised and bloody she is, but not without hope.

Winds can be fickle things, as Dartmouthians with our neck out in the North Atlantic, we understand. Winds can easily turn in our favor, with numbers.

Her mast is strong! Her timbers mighty. The cut of her jib, unmistakable. She, and the freedom she represents, survives. She can never be defeated. The dark days of municipal slavery and taxation without representation are numbered.

Joseph Howe stated in 1848 how proud he was to have achieved Responsible government without a broken window or a thrown fist.

What happened? How sad then, how uncivil, that within a few generations the slavery has taken hold of her like a virus.

We have the cure, Dartmouth. Friendship grows. 💪❤️


Dartmouth For Life