Dartmouth Side, Lawrencetown

Thursday the 16th past, the Settlers of Lawrence Town set out from this Town in order to go by Land for that Place, having a strong Guard of 200 Regular Troops, exclusive of Officers, commanded by Capt. Stone, with a Number of Rangers; which Place they arrived at the Saturday following, having made a Road from Dartmouth Side to the said Town, which is but little more than 11 Miles distance from us, they immediately went to picketting in the Neck, which they compleated in a short Time, and have rais’d and finish’d the Block-House, Store. House, &c. and mounted their Cannon ; they are also picketting the Town, and have broke up the Soil, which appears to be extraordinary good, and planted a considerable Quantity of Potatoes ; they are in high Spirits, and by the favourable Accounts we have since receiv’d, we are in hopes that in a few Years the Settlement will answer our best Expectations.

Halifax Gazette, Jun 8, 1754. https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=4p3FJGzxjgAC&dat=17540608&printsec=frontpage&hl=en