Dartmouth is more than just the embodiment of logos and signs

Amalgamation was not about joining Dartmouth, Halifax, Bedford and Halifax County. That’s a nice story, but it’s far more sinister than that.

Amalgamation dissolved every asset, every legal authority, every democratic right and body accumulated over centuries in favor a new body; a new container, with only those assets, powers and democratic rights that the Province of Nova Scotia decided we as citizens should have.

A literal coup. An upending of our Constitutional foundation; the antithesis of the concept of Self-Governance.

This act of violence has led to the loss of our Health Boards, our School Boards, Housing powers, Transportation – Municipal concerns under hundreds of years of law, powers now firmly within the grasp of the Province, for whatever partisan aims and riches it might bring to the government in power.

This is NOT how free and civilized societies operate.

This is against the very nature of our rule of law.

This is how Banana Republics are run.

This is mob-rule.

Opposition to amalgamation is not about wistful or wishful thinking of the days of yore – it is about a Constitutional crisis.

When there is a change of government – like Ontario has recently seen with the cavalier use of the Notwithstanding Clause – without the checks & balances that Nova Scotians had, without Municipal governments to utilize the courts on our behalf, to say no for us – the near dictatorial power of the Canadian state can now be used against us in any number of unsavory ways.

Canada can be a dangerous place under the command of a sociopath. We have NO recourse now – we are NOT free.

We have had the very nature of good governance, governance from the bottom – stolen from us with hardly a whisper.

Does anyone understand that this isn’t just about logos and signs?