Dartmouth from Mount Amelia

Dartmouth and Dartmouth Cove from near the corner of what would be Blink Bonnie and Old Ferry Road today. It is dated to 1929, but it seems to be meant to represent a much earlier time, perhaps more than 60 years older than that.

The two church steeples seems to indicate that the one on the left is the original St. Peter’s on Chapel Lane at Ochterloney Street, (the steeple to its right, the Church of England, now Christ Church). In the harbor is a ferry which could be the “Sir Charles Ogle“, it has a similar, rather distinctive profile with a large smokestack in the middle. Judge Alexander’s home is not yet built (later known as Evergreen,) though there appears to be a wooden cabin on the site, which might aid further in dating what time period it is meant to portray. That the Grist Mill is noted on the reverse in a further clue.

“The trestle walk is a Mill race extending to the Grist Mill, see “Story of Dartmouth”. Presented by Mrs. W.G. Watson [on behalf of?] Mrs. George Starr.”

“Dartmouth from Mount Amelia”. 1929 [?] https://archives.novascotia.ca/photocollection/archives/?ID=5309