Contemptuous Dotards

Contemptuous dotards ‘mayor’ Mike Savage and ‘mp’ Darren Fisher are currently celebrating a City that no longer exists. Pretending it still exists.

Where is our Council?
Where are the Trustees for our Commons?
Why are the assets our progenitors worked so hard for under someone else’s control and always in danger of being privatized?
Where is our Police force?
Where is our Fire Department?
Where is our Parks & Rec?
Where is our School Board?
Where is our Health Board?

All dissolved by fiat or under someone else’s control. Dartmouth Proud?

Proud of their Lies. Proud of their Corruption.
Enemies of Dartmouth and everything she stands for, and proudly, arrogantly ignorant of our history and what we’ve lost as a gerrymandered debt district.

But hey, they get to plug a business – because that’s what ‘Dartmouth’ is to them, that’s all it is now – nothing more than a marketing term, we’re nothing more than serfs to their Machiavellian maneuvers.