Clear as day corruption

Talking about the inherent, clear as day corruption that surrounds us in 1x away from dictatorship Nova Scotia sure gets the rats scurrying.

Anyone who is chief executive of an incorporated city – an Incorporation comprised of citizens – who chooses NOT to act to sustain their corporation when it is under attack, who chooses NOT to utilize the courts, has chosen to completely abdicate their one overarching responsibility as executive.

The courts are there, along with the power of the purse, so that incorporated cities comprised of citizens can assert their rights – in free countries, at least.

Now that Nova Scotia no longer has incorporated cities we have amalgamated regional municipalities, no longer comprised of citizens but instead comprised of corporations and provincial interference – HRM utilizes the courts to hide from liabilities caused by racist incidents in transit garages, by utilizing case law that permits homophobic posters in public places … instead of standing for we the people – now, we are the serfs.

As Sue and other career politicians in 1x away from dictatorship Nova Scotia surely know – this corrupt fiefdom we inhabit, with its permanent ruling class where we aren’t even afforded a vote for Premier, where we don’t even have a set election date – the only concern is how to sell off every article of Industry, every democratic check & balance the people ever built, since the people themselves have long been removed from the equation. That’s what amalgamation was all about. We disagree, and so has the Nova Scotia Supreme Court.


Dartmouth For Life