Chronological Table of Dartmouth, Preston, and Lawrencetown

Duc d’Anville arrived at Chebucto, 10 Sept 1746

Halifax founded, 21 June 1749

[Indigenous people] attacked 6 men at Maj. Gilman’s saw-mill, Dartmouth Cove, killing 4, 30 Sept 1749

Saw-mill let to Capt. Wm. Clapham, 1750

Alderney arrived from Europe with 353 settlers, Aug. 1750

Town of Dartmouth laid out for the Alderney emigrants, Autumn 1750

Order issued relative to guard at Dartmouth, 31 Dec. 1750

Sergeant and 10 or 12 men ordered to mount guard during the nights at the Blockhouse, Dartmouth, 23 Feb. 1751

[Indigenous people] attacked Dartmouth, killing a number of the inhabitants, 13 May, 1751

German emigrants arrived at Halifax and were employed in picketing the back of Dartmouth, July 1751

Ferry established between Dartmouth and Halifax, John Connor, ferryman, 3 Feb. 1752

Mill at Dartmouth sold to Maj. Ezekiel Gilman, June 1752

Population of Dartmouth 193, or 53 families, July 1752

Advertisement ordered for the alteration of the style, 31 Aug. 1752

Permission given Connor to assign ferry to Henry Wynne and William Manthorne, 22 Dec 1752

Township of Lawrencetown granted to 20 proprietors, 10 June 1754

Fort Clarence built, 1754

John Rock appointed ferryman in place of Wynne and Manthorne, 26 Jan. 1756

Troops withdrawn from Lawrencetown by order dated, 25 Aug, 1757

Dartmouth contained only 2 families, 9 Jan 1762

Phillip Westphal (afterwards Admiral), born, 1782

Preston Township granted to Theophilus Chamberlain and 163 others, chiefly loyalists, 15 Oct, 1784

Free [Black people] arrived at Halifax and afterwards settled at Preston, Apr., 1785

George Augustus Westphal (afterwards Sir) born, 1785

Whalers from Nantucket arrived at Halifax, 1785

Town lots of Dartmouth escheated in order to grant them to the Nantucket whalers (Quakers), 2 Mar, 1786

Grant of land at Preston to T. Young and 34 others, 20 Dec. 1787

Common granted to inhabitants of Dartmouth, 4 Sept. 1788

First church at Preston consecrated (on “Church Hill”), 1791

Free [Black people] departed for Sierra Leone, 15 Jan, 1792

Nantucket Whalers left Dartmouth, 1792

Francis Green built house (afterwards “Maroon Hall”) near Preston, 1792

Dartmouth, Preston, Lawrencetown and Cole Harbour erected into parish of St. John, Nov. 22, 1792

M. Danesville, governor of St. Pierre, arrived at Halifax (afterwards lived at “Brook House”), 20 June 1793

Act passed to build bridge of boats across the Harbour, 1796

Maroons arrived at Halifax (afterwards settled at Preston), 22 or 23 July, 1796

Subject of a canal between Minas Basin and Halifax Harbour brought before the legislature, 1797

Col. W.D. Quarrell returned to Jamaica, Spring 1797

Capt. A. Howe took charge of Maroons, Ochterlony having been removed, 1797

John Skerry began running ferry, about 1797

Howe removed and T. Chamberlain appointed to superintend Maroons, 9 July, 1798

Heavy storm did much damage, 25 Sept, 1798

Mary Russell killed by her lover, Thomas Bembridge, at her father’s house, Russell’s Lake, 27 Sept. 1798

Bembridge executed at Halifax, 18 Oct, 1798

Maroons left Halifax, Aug 1800

“Maroon Hall” sold to Samuel Hart, 8 Oct, 1801

Town of Dartmouth said to have contained only 19 dwellings, 1809

S. Hart died at “maroon Hall” (property afterwards sold to John Prescott), 1810

United States prisoners of war on parole at Dartmouth, Preston, etc. About 1812-1814

Terrible gale, much damage to shipping 12 Nov 1813

Gov Danseville left “Brook House”, 1814

[Black people] arrived from Chesapeake Bay, 1 Sept 1814

Smallpox appeared in Dartmouth, Preston, etc., Autumn, 1814

Margaret Floyer died at “Brook House”, 9 Dec 1814

Act passed to incorporate Halifax Steamboat Co., 1815

Act passed allowing substitution of team-boats for steamboats by the company just mentioned, 1816

Team-boat Sherbrooke launched, 30 Sept, 1816

The team-boat made its first trip, 8 Nov., 1816

Foundation stone of Christ Church laid, 9 July, 1817

John Prescott died at “Maroon Hall” (property afterwards sold to Lieut. Katzmann), 1821

Ninety Chesapeake Bay [Black people] sent to Trinidad, 1821

Dartmouth Fire Engine Co. established, 1822

Lyle’s and Chapel’s shipyards opened, About 1823

Act passed to authorize incorporation of a canal company, 1824

Theophilus Chamberlain died, 20 July, 1824

Joseph Findlay became lessee of Creighton’s ferry, About 1824

Shubenacadie Canal Co. incorporated by letters patent, 1 June, 1826

Ground first broken on canal, at Port Wallace, 25 July, 1826

Consecration of church at Preston which had been built to replace the one consecrated in 1791, 1828

Congregation of Church of St. James (Presbyterian) formed, Jan (?), 1829

St. Peter’s Chapel commenced at Dartmouth, 26 Oct. 1829

J. Findlay succeeded by Thos. Brewer at Creighton’s Ferry, About 1829-30

Sir C. Ogle launched (first steamboat on ferry), 1 Jan, 1830

Sixteen persons drowned by the upsetting of one of the small ferry boats, 14 Aug, 1831

Ferry steamboat Boxer launched, 1832

Brewer retired, and Creighton’s or the lower ferry ceased to exist, About 1832-33

A. Shiels started Elenvale Carding Mill, July, 1834

Cholera in Halifax, Aug to Oct 1834

William Foster built an ice-house near the lakes, 1836

“Mount Amelia” built by Hon. J.W. Johnston, About, 1840

Death of Meagher children, Jane Elizabeth, and Margaret, in woods near Preston (bodies found 17 April), April 1842

Adam Laidlaw began ice-cutting on a large scale, 1843

Dartmouth Baptist Church organized, 29 Oct, 1843

Death of Lieut. C. C. Katzmann at “Maroon Hall”, 15 Dec, 1843

Ferry steamboat Micmac build, 1844

Dartmouth Baptist meeting-house opened, Sept, 1844

Cole Harbour Dyke Co. incorporated, 28 Mar., 1845

Incorporation of Richmond Bridge Co. (J.E. Starr, A.W. Godfrey, etc.) for purpose of erecting bridge of boards across Harbour, 14 April, 1845

Mechanics’ Institute building erected, 1845

Col. G. F. Thompson’s wife, said to have been a cousin of the Empress Eugenie, died under suspicious circumstances at “Lake Loon”, 20 Sept., 1846

First regatta on Dartmouth Lake, 5 Oct, 1846

Dr. MacDonald mysteriously disappeared, 30 Nov, 1846

Mechanic’s Institute building opened, 7 Dec, 1846

Second church at Preston (in the “Long swamp”) destroyed by fire, June (?), 1849

Third C. of E. church built at Preston, near Salmon River, About 1850-1851

Subenacadie Canal sold to government of N.S. (McNab, trustee), 1851-52

Inland Navigation Co. incorporated, 4 April, 1853

Methodist Church dedicated at Dartmouth, 1853

Canal purchased by Inland Navigation Co., 10 June, 1854

Mount Hope Insane Asylum cornerstone laid, 9 June, 1856

“Maroon Hall” burnt, June, 1856

Dartmouth Rifles and Engineers organized, Spring 1860

Checbucto Marine Railway Co. formed by A. Pillsbury, 1860

Gold discovered at Waverley, 1861

Gold discovered at Lawrencetown, 1862

Lake and River Navigation Co. purchased Canal, 18 June, 1862

Dartmouth Rifles disbanded, 1 July, 1864

Starr Manufacturing works commenced, 1864

Dartmouth Axe and Ladder Co,. formed, 1865

Dartmouth Ropewalk began manufacturing, Spring, 1869

Ferry steamboat Chebucto built, About 1869

Prince Arthur’s Park Co. incorporated, 1870

New St. James’s Church (Presbyterian) built, 1870

Lewis P. Fairbanks purchased the canal from the Lake and River Navigation Co., Feb, 1870

Population of town of Dartmouth, 3,786, 1871

Dartmouth incorporated, 30 April, 1873

Union Protection Co. organized, 1876

Andrew Shiels, “Albyn”, died, 5 Nov, 1879

New Baptist Church opened, 4 Jan, 1880

Sandy Cove bathing houses opened at Dartmouth, 7 Aug, 1880

Foundation-stone of Woodside Refinery laid, 3 July, 1883

Railway to Dartmouth commenced, 1885

Railway opened for business, 6 Jan, 1886

Halifax and Dartmouth Steam Ferry Co. formed, in place of old company, 1886

Woodside Refinery closed, Dec, 1886

Ferry steamboat Dartmouth built, 1888

Public Reading-Room opened, 1 Jan, 1889

Dartmouth Ferry Commission formed, 17 April, 1890

Ferry Co. sells its property to the commission, 1 July, 1890

Several persons drowned on the arrival of the ferry-boat Annex 2 (Halifax), 11 July, 1890

New St. Peter’s Chapel begun, Autumn, 1890

Act passed to provide for supplying Dartmouth with water and sewerage, 19 May, 1891

Narrows railway bridge carried away, 7 Sept., 1891

Trenching and laying the main water pipe begun, 3 Oct., 1891

Woodside Refinery again opened, 1891

Population of town of Dartmouth, 6,252, 1891

St. Peter’s chapel opened, 7 Feb., 1892

Dartmouth first lighted by electricity, 13 July, 1892

Water turned on the town from Topsail and Lamont’s Lakes, 2 Nov, 1892

Narrows bridge destroyed for second time, 23 July, 1893

Woodside Refinery transferred to Acadia Sugar Refining Co., Aug, 1893

New Post Office opened, 1 May, 1894

Piers, Harry. “Chronological Table of Dartmouth, Preston, and Lawrencetown”, 1894.