Nova Scotia’s cry for home rule

“Having spent much time in Nova Scotia, I am often asked—Why does that province wish to sever connection with the Dominion, and what means her cry of “Repeal and Reciprocity”? And some of my friends are not a little shocked that, at a time when the question of Imperial Federation is so much discussed, our … Read more

Premier meets with municipal leaders

PREMIER MEETS WITH MUNICIPAL LEADERS Premier John Savage said today his government is committed to working co-operatively with Nova Scotia municipal leaders in building a dynamic provincial economy. The premier met this morning with the executive of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities and stressed the need for even greater cooperation between the two levels … Read more

Regional Municipalities Bill Introduced

MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS–REGIONAL MUNICIPALITIES BILL INTRODUCED Nova Scotia municipalities who are considering amalgamation will soon have a legislative framework in place. Municipal Affairs Minister Sandy Jolly introduced a Regional Municipalities Bill in the Legislature today. “This new legislation will be used only when requested by municipalities,” said the minister. “It’s voluntary. It’s there when they choose … Read more

Coit correspondence of 1871

coit correspondence

“This letter will give you some gleanings from Halifax — the most English of the provincial cities. It was founded in 1749, by the Lords of the Board of Trade, and named after the President, Gen. Montague, Earl of Halifax. It has ever since been the capital of Nova Scotia, — robbing that honor from … Read more

Nova Scotia in 1862: papers relating to the two great exhibitions in London of that year

“List of Contributors: … P. McNab, Dartmouth – barley and oats.” “On the east side of the harbor is situated the town of Dartmouth, settled in 1750. The town is well situated, and is admirably adapted to the employment of ship-building. It is connected with the city by steamboats.” “Prior to 1719 (at which time … Read more

…the Nova Scotia difficulty

“I now come to THE GRAVE SITUATION IN NOVA SCOTIA. It is lamentable to think that in the twentieth year of Confederation there should be an appeal to the people on such a ground and with such a result as has just taken place in Nova Scotia, and I feel bound to point out, in … Read more

Instructions from Oliver Cromwell to John Leverett (written by James Nutley), 26 September 1656

“In this letter Oliver Cromwell instructs John Leverett (1616-1679), then military governor of Acadia, to turn over the captured forts in Nova Scotia to Col. Thomas Temple.” “Whereas wee have committed unto our Trusty and welbeloved Colonell Thomas Temple the charge custody and government of our Forts of St. John, Port Royall, and Pentacoet in … Read more

“Captain John Taylor Wood”


“The autograph and signature of former Confederate Captain John Taylor Wood on a card for the W. Chase Photograph Gallery in Nova Scotia, with a sketch by Wood of the private vessel he later captained, the Tallahasse [sic] and a few facts about the vessel.” James E. Taylor, “James E. Taylor Collection : Scrapbook Three” … Read more

An address delivered before the Halifax Mechanics’ Institute on the 5th November, 1834 by Joseph Howe

“Far be it from me to wish, on this occasion, to draw national distinctions. I desire rather to show you how the certainty that your descendants will be one race, having a common attachment to Nova Scotia, and knowing no higher obligation than to love and honor her, ought to draw you closer to each … Read more

Gt. Brit. Sovereigns, etc., 1660-1685. (Charles II) MS.(unsigned, contemporary copy); Whitehall, 6 Aug 1669


“Contains chiefly correspondence of British proprietor and governor of Nova Scotia Thomas Temple and his nephew John Nelson concerning land claims in Nova Scotia and the French role in Canada” Temple, Thomas, 1614-1674. Thomas Temple correspondence concerning Nova Scotia, 1656-1768. Gt. Brit. Sovereigns, etc., 1660-1685. (Charles II) MS.(unsigned, contemporary copy); Whitehall, 6 Aug 1669. MS … Read more

The draft of a charter, for the incorporation of the town of Halifax in the province of Nova-Scotia

“The following plan for regulating the municipal affairs of this Town, has been drawn up in the form of a Charter, as the clearest and best method to express the extent of the proposed improvements. The objects have been pointed out by a thorough investigation into the various modes of conducting the public business; which … Read more

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