Catalogue of ancient masonic documents in possession of Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia, A.F. and A.M.

“For many years past Grand Lodge has been endeavoring to collect together the many ancient and venerable Masonic documents known to be in the Province in the possession of brethren of the craft and others, for the purpose of ensuring the safe keeping of the same. Much time and labor have been devoted to the subject, and the following report, made to Grand Lodge in 1884, gives the final result of the committee appointed for that purpose:

(Among many documents listed within that I haven’t included, a few that do stand out in importance are listed here; communication with those in the States and Bermuda as well as those relating to J.W. Weeks who was the first Rector of St. John’s Parish in 1792.)

From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin:

“At Preston, the Rev. Joshua Wingate Weeks, who resided in Halifax, served as the first Rector of the St. John’s Parish from 1792. His report of 1794 states that, “The mission consists of four towns. Dartmouth is the principal, which consists of 50 families. Preston has 15, Cole Harbor 12 and Lawrencetown 23″. When Rev. Benjamin Gerrish Gray took over the parish in 1796, he had the additional duty of being chaplain and teacher to the Maroons.”

As an aside, it seems the Weeks family continued to be important players in Dartmouth for many years after. W.H. Weeks was listed as a Physician and surgeon living at King Street in an 1864 Dartmouth business directory, Jos. H. Weeks, Esq was listed as Secretary in regard to meetings held on the repeal of the British North America Act in 1867, J. M. Weeks is noted as having purchased a grocery concern at 22 Ochterloney Street from Frank M. Elliot in 1891, perhaps it was the same J. M. Weeks who purchased “The Atlantic Weekly” newspaper in 1901 from S. Harris Congdon, who then changed its name to the “Dartmouth Patriot“.

  • Bye-Laws of St. Johns lodge, 21, Auburn, North Carolina, 1772 (the earliest document on record).
  • Letter from Bro. Weeks acknowledging vote of thanks for his son, July 23 1782.
  • Letter from Grand Chaplain J. Weeks, acknowledging vote of thanks for sermon, September 3rd, 1783.
  • Letter to introduce G. Chaplain Rev. J. Weeks to Grand Secretary, London, No date.
  • Copy of letter to Bro. Weeks, with warrant, March 12th 1785.
  • Copy of letter to Grand Lodge in States warning of an expelled brother, December 2nd, 1790.
  • Letter from Grand Lodge of Virginia, January 15th, 1791.
  • Letter from Rev J.W. Weeks, Chaplain, Dartmouth, 1794.
  • Memorial to hold a Lodge at Bermuda, May 20th, 1796.
  • Letter from John Van Norden, St. George’s, Bermuda. October 13th, 1797.
  • Deed from King George III, signed by Duke of Kent, square piece of land, heretofore occupied by the main guard, lying between Pleasant and Granville Streets, Halifax, Nova Scotia. July 28th, 1798.

Freemasons. “Catalogue of ancient masonic documents in possession of Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia, A.F. and A.M. Report of Special Committee on Arrangement of Masonic Documents, classed as Grand Lodge and Subordinate Lodges.” [Halifax, N.S.? : s.n.], 1890