Carte de la baye de Chibouctou

Dartmouth Cove and the Shubenacadie River with a notation of “G”.

One of the only representations I’ve seen of an island that supposedly existed in Dartmouth Cove, that is mentioned by Martin in the Story of Dartmouth on page 31:

“There is an old tradition that in this part of Mill Cove, a small island used to exist. It is mentioned in a footnote to the History of Dartmouth by Harry Piers, who got the particulars from George Shiels, a lifelong resident who died about 1900. The latter stated that until the island had been washed away by the sea in the early part of the last century, it had been situated north of Mott’s Wharf. (Mott’s wharf ran out from the middle of the present Hazelhurst railway trestle, or about halfway between Evergreen point and Parker’s wharf).

As the island disappeared under the action of the sea, according to Mr. Shiels, numerous wooden coffins containing skeletons could be seen. He thought that these were graves of the early French, either prisoners from the Hazelhurst barracks, or a fraction of the one thousand victims of an epidemic which had swept through the fleet of Duke D’Anville in this harbor during the autumn of 1746. More are said to be buried under St. James Church.”

“G: Autrer riviere qui va aussy au mines” Another river that goes to Minas (basin)

“Carte de la baye de Chibouctou” <1750.