By-laws of the Nova Scotia Hospital for the Insane, Mount Hope, Dartmouth, 1877

“Obligations: To be signed in the presence of the Superintendent by each attendant and servant , before appointment.

I hereby promise to obey the bye-laws and rules of the Hospital, to be careful of its property, and to avoid gossiping about its inmates or affairs. I consider myself bound to perform any duties assigned to me by the Superintendent, or assistant physician.

I understand my engagement to be monthly, and I agree to give a months notice in writing, should I wish to leave my situation.

If anything contrary to the rules of the Hospital, be done in my presence, or come within my knowledge, I pledge myself to report it to the Medical Superintendent or Assistant Physician and to the Commissioner for the Hospital.

I acknowledge the right of the Commissioner of Public Works and Mines to discharge me without warning, for acts of harshness or violence to the patients, for intemperance, or disobedience of orders.”

Nova Scotia Hospital for the Insane. “By-laws of the Nova Scotia Hospital for the Insane, Mount Hope, Dartmouth”, Signed and dated: P. C. Hill, clerk of council, January 19, 1877.