Building Lots in Dartmouth

For Sale. Eight eligible sites for private residences, east of Canal bridge, and in vicinity of the new Presbyterian Church, Dartmouth, offering a pleasant view of the harbor and neighboring heights. The charming prospect afforded by those grounds, combined with the vicinity to the ferry, render them desirable to those seeking airy and healthy residences.

That level plot of ground at Dartmouth Cove, two hundred feet wide by two hundred and fifty feet depth, having a fine run of water passing through it, making it a most desirable point either for a manufacturing or other business establishment. Also – the water lots in front of same, extending four hundred feet into the harbor, adapting them for a Coal Depot.

As a branch of the Intercolonial railway will most probably be taken into Dartmouth, there is no point on the harbor of Halifax so likely to be benefitted as the above.

For terms, etc., apply at the office of W.B. Hamilton.


British Colonist, May 3, 1873. Page 1, Colum 6.