City of Dartmouth Auditor’s Report, 1996

“In our opinion these financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the Corporation of the City of Dartmouth as at March 31, 1996 and the results of its operations and the changes in its capital position for the year then ended in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles adopted for Nova Scotia Municipalities.”

The final financial statement of the City of Dartmouth is a great starting point for those who fail to understand the outrage over Nova Scotia’s 1996 municipal coup, aka “amalgamation”, in the parlance of our permanent ruling class. It also presents a great refresher for those who might have forgotten where we were 24 years ago.

Dartmouth School Board, Dartmouth Housing Board, Dartmouth Library, Common and Ferry.

Local control of Healthcare, Education, Policing, Social Housing; all since lost, all since exposed to decades of disinvestment, by design.

Dartmouth’s quarter billion dollars in infrastructure, stolen without even a non-binding plebiscite. OUR healthcare system, OUR education system, now we don’t even have an elected board who oversees one iota of it.

The power of resurrection means Dartmouth, as a corporation and a legal entity, is just one bill away from reemergence – indeed, Dartmouth never died. However, Dartmouth, as an idea, is on the ropes. Do people even know what a city is?

Dartmouth is in a long, painful, induced coma; at the hands of Provincial partisans of more than one stripe, who desire nothing more than complete control over virtually every facet of our lives. This is the antithesis of local self government and democracy. It can not stand. Are you with us? ✊