Annexation or Bailout?

Could’ve been written about Dartmouth and amalgamation. Except that here in Dartmouth, we didn’t shirk our responsibilities to other adjacent municipalities and, here in Dartmouth, we were in the black.

Who did Dartmouth bail out and what have we lost for it? Not just autonomy.

Dartmouth is a city regardless of the unconscionable actions of Provincial taskmasters, and Dartmouth is not merely a debt district to manipulate in order to subsidize land owners and suburban developers.

“This isn’t an annexation. It’s a bailout.

The question that is lurking over this conversation is, “If not annex, then what?” For starters, we need to limit this type of development in the first place. Second, there isn’t a good answer. Not allowing them to hookup to city infrastructure will cause financial heartache, but hooking them up will do the same. This a tough decision that will need to be made.

While decisions shouldn’t be motivated by this factor, an element of justice looms over many of these annexations. To quote a contributor of, “It comes back to the same essential principle: the city is being forced to pay for the destructive decisions of a group of people who wanted nothing to do with the city when they were on top, and now come begging for a handout when their poor choices come back at them.”


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