Ann Eliza Cox

COX. ANN ELIZA.-The People of the State of New York, by the grace of God free and inde pendent, to John T. Cox, of Darlen, Connecticut; Amella Antoinette Smith, wife of Hiram Smith, of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Edmund Ricknian Cox; Cordella Cox, wife of said Edmund Rickman Cox: Charles William Cox, Kiiza Rickman Cox, Minnie I. Cox, Mary E. Cox as administratrix of the goods, chattels and credits of Jameson Cox, deceased, and Bertha May Cox, all of the City of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Frances Maria Britton, wife of John W. Britton: Eliza Ermenia Karr, wife of James B. Karr, Mary Agnes Rogers, widow of John W. Rogers, deceased Theodore sherry Cox, all of the City of New York George Augustus Cox. of Nyack, Rockland County, New York: and Aubery Cox, of Attleboro, in the State of Massachusetts-the persons interested in the estate of Ann Eliza Cox, late of the City of New York, deceased, as creditors, or persons claiming to be creditors, legatees, next of kin, or otherwise, send greeting:
You and each of you are hereby cited and required personally to be and appear before our Surrogate of the County of New York, at the Surrogate’s Court, in the City of New York, on the nineteenth day of September, 1881, at eleven o’clock in the fore- noon of that day, then and there to attend the judiclal settlement of the final account of proceedings of James B. Karr and John T. Cox, as executors of the last will and testament of said deceased; and that if any of the persons interested be under the age of twenty-one years they are required to appear by their general guardian. If they have one, or if they have none, that they appear and apply for a special guardian to be appointed, or in the event of their neglect or failure to do so, a special guardian will be appointed by the Surrogate to represent and act for them in the proceeding.
In testimony whereof, we have caused the seal of Bald Surrogate’s Court to be hereunto affixed. Witness, Delano C. Calvin, esquire, Surrogate of our said county, at the City of New York, the eleventh day of July, In the year of our Lord one thou sand eight hundred and eighty-one. PETER V. BURTSELL. Clerk to the Surrogate Court.

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