An Act to Incorporate the Proprietors of Prince Arthur Park 1870 c71

An Act to Incorporate the Proprietors of Prince Arthur Park, 1870 c71

An Act to Incorporate the Proprietors of Prince Arthur’s Park.
(Passed the 18th day of April, A.D. 1870.)

1. Incorporation.
2. Votes of Proprietors.
3. Board of Directors.
4. First Meeting, when and where held.
5. Election of Officers.
6. Assessment.
7. No Encroachment.

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

1. Bennett H. Hornsby, John Esdaile, Daniel McNeil Parker, James W. Johnston, J. Norman Ritchie, Alfred C. Cogswell and Frederick Fishwick, and such other persons as now are or may become proprietors of any portion of that tract of land at Dartmouth, in the county of Halifax, known as Prince Arthur’s Park, bounded northerly by property of Honorable James W. Johnston, easterly by the Cole Harbour and Gaston Roads, southerly by property of the estate of John Esson, and westerly by the Eastern Passage Road, containing one hundred and six acres, more or less, are declared to be a Company, which is hereby incorporated, by the name of the “Proprietors of Prince Arthur’s Park”; and they shall have the maintenance, control, and management, of all the roads, reserves, drives, avenues and sidewalks in such Park, and the lodges and gates therein erected, and shall make regulations relative thereto.


Prince Arthur's Park
Prince Arthur’s Park area, 1878. “Map of the Town of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia”, H. W. Hopkins.


Votes of Proprietors:
2. Every proprietor of land in the said Park shall have one vote, and if he owns more than one acre therein, he shall have a vote for every acre so owned by him. Any proprietor who disposes of all his land in said Park shall thereupon cease to be a member of this Corporation.

Board of Directors:
3. The affairs of the Company shall be managed by a Board of Directors, of not less than three, or more than five, one of whom shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election.

First meeting – when and where held:
4. The first meeting shall be held on the first Wednesday First Meeting,
in May next, and an annual meeting shall be held on the first Wednesday of September, in each year, including the present year.

Election of officers:
5. The Directors and other officers shall be elected at the first meeting in May, or some adjournment thereof.

6. At the first meeting, or any adjournment thereof, and at the annual meeting in each year, or at any special meeting called for that purpose, the Company shall assess the proprietors of all lands within the said Park, for an amount sufficient to uphold and maintain in good order and condition the roads, reserves, drives, avenues and sidewalks within such Park, and the gates and gate-keeper’s lodges erected therein, and the fences around the same, and to do such other work as shall be for the advantage of such Park and the proprietors thereof, which amount shall be apportioned by the Directors among the proprietors of such Park, in proportion to the extent of land owned by each of them; and the amount so apportioned shall be a first lien upon the land, and shall be collected from the individual proprietors in the name of the Company, as if it were a private debt.

No Encroachment:
7. No person, whether a proprietor or not, shall encroach upon or encumber the roads reserved in the Park any portion of the allotted width of sixty feet, or any of the other reserves made in the Park; and any proprietor or other person so offending shall forfeit two dollars. for the first offence, and one dollar for every day after the first day during which the encumbrance, or encumbrances, or any part thereof, shall be continued; and after a week any one or more of the Directors shall abate the nuisance, and may sell or dispose of at public auction, or private sale, all the materials and the substances which caused such encumbrance or encumbrances, and the proceeds thereof, and also the said fines, shall go into the improvement fund for the maintenance of the roads and other subjects mentioned in the sixth section.

“An Act to Incorporate the Proprietors of Prince Arthur Park”, 1870 c71