An act respecting Fire Engines at Dartmouth, 1851 (1st Session) c28

Respecting Fire Engines at (Dartmouth) (1st Session), 1851 c28

An Act respecting Fire Engines at Dartmouth.
(Passed the 31st day of March, A. D. 1851.)

BE it enacted, by the Lieutenant-Governor, Council and Assembly, as follows:

Grand Jury may present £200 for a new Fire Engine for Dartmouth:
I. The Grand Jury of the County of Halifax may present, and the General Sessions may confirm a sum not exceeding Two hundred pounds, to provide a new Fire Engine for the use of the Inhabitants of the Town of Dartmouth, and to repair the old one.

To be levied on Inhabitants in Dartmouth:
II. The sum so presented and confirmed shall be assessed, levied, and collected from such only of the inhabitants of Dartmouth as may be resident within the limits following, viz: within the space of One mile, measured in a southwardly, eastwardly, and northwardly direction, from the Steam Boat Company’s Wharf in Dartmouth, in the same manner and by the same means in all respects as if assessments for the purposes aforesaid had been originally by Law confirmed to such limits.

Such persons as have paid any monies under 10 Vic. Chap. 29, shall receive credit therefor:
III. Such persons as have paid any monies on account of the assessment made for such purpose under the Act Tenth Victoria, Chapter Twenty-nine, shall receive credit in the assessment hereby authorised for the amounts so paid by them respectively, and if any part of the monies so collected shall have been paid by parties not liable to the assessment hereby authorised when the same shall be levied, such monies shall be returned to them by the County Treasurer out of the Funds so collected and now in his hands, deducting therefrom in the first place all monies expended in repairing the Engine heretofore in use in the Town of Dartmouth.

“An act respecting Fire Engines at Dartmouth”, 1851 (1st Session) c28