An Act for Establishing and Regulating a Militia


Last Thursday a Law was published here by Command of his Excellency the Governor and his Majesty’s Council of this Province, entitled, An Act for Establishing and Regulating a Militia: Whereby all male persons, Inhabitants, &c. between the Ages of 16 and 60, residing in and belonging to the Town, Suburbs or Peninsula of Halifax, the Town and Suburbs of Dartmouth, &c. shall bear Arms and attend military Exercises, &c. once in three Months, on Penalty of 5 s. fine, or riding the wooden horse. —That every listed Militia soldier and other Householder residing as aforesaid, shall be always provided with good and sufficient Fire Arms, consisting of a Musket, Gun, or Fuzil, not less than Three Foot Long in the Barrel, two spare Flints, and Twelve Charges of Powder and Ball, suitable to their respective Fire Arms, and to the Satisfaction of the Comission Officers, on Penalty of Forty Shillings for want of such Arms as are herteby required, and Two Shillings for each other defective Appurtenant, and the like Sum for every four Weeks he shall remain so unprovided or deficient: The fine to be paid by Parents for their Sons under Age and under their Command, and by Masters or Heads of Families for their Domesticks and Servants, other than Servants upon Wages. —

The time fix’d for the Inhabitants, &c. to be provided with Arms and Ammunition, is Tuesday next the 22nd instant.

Halifax Gazette, May 19, 1753. Page 2, Column 2.