Acadia; missing links of a lost chapter in American history

“The work I am now undertaking has never been done before. This sweeping assertion may astonish the reader; but there is this very good reason for making it: the archives of the most important part of this history have been either carried off, or destroyed, or simply lost. Which of these alternatives is the most likely will appear later on.

An American writer, Philip H. Smith, treating of the same subject, gave his book this title: “ Acadia— A Lost Chapter in American History.” Though he had not the documents needed for a complete reconstruction, yet, with his sound judgment and great impartiality, by making good use of what he had in hand, he has managed to hit upon a line of development that affords a glimpse of what was hidden in the missing documents. That lost chapter I believe I have reconstructed in its essential parts. The reader will judge if the title I have chosen suits the work I lay before him.

Have I, then, found the missing portion of the archives? Yes and no. A considerable part of them will, probably, never be found; but good luck has put in my way fragments of them, which are amply sufficient to throw light, if not upon the secret details of this history, at least upon its main outlines. Close and continued thought has done the rest.”

Richard, Edouard, 1844-1904, and J. Drummond. Acadia: Missing Links of a Lost Chapter In American History. New York: Home book company, 1895,